Would you pay $3,500 for this commuter bike?

The Gi Bike can charge your phone, lock itself, and even pedals for you if you're tired.

Gi Bike, electric bike, bike

It seems the growing trend in seeming must-haves are products that multi-task. Taking a page out of the smartphone’s multi-functional manual, the Gi Bike (via Fast Company) may just be the ultimate commuter bike.

For one, it’s electric which cuts down on the ‘oh-god-I’m-covered-in-sweat-and-it’s-only-8:39-a.m.’ problem faced by those that ride to work and don’t have the luxury of a cubicle outfitted with an ensuite shower.

Secondly, the electric bike folds up nicely (and quickly in only three seconds) and into something like a rolling suitcase if you need to take the bus or ride the subway (or if you’re too tired and just want to cab it home). In addition, it locks itself — no more searching for your lock key — and even pedals for you if you’re tired.

The bike is also tech-savvy, allowing users to integrate their smartphone, a feature that may see some tweeting while riding, or looking up directions. The bike also acts as a battery charger for your phone.

The Gi Bike’s resume of accomplishments is pretty impressive to be sure. Sadly, the one thing the bike doesn’t do is get a part-time job and pay for itself. If you want a G1, you’ll have to pony up upwards of $3,500. If you’re a miserable transit rider who longs to hit the open road and tweet while doing so, the investment may just be worth it.