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Celebrate someone that inspires you and you'll help move women in Canada out of poverty.

Thank you to all our supporters for participating in Chatelaine‘s first ever Women Who Move You campaign in support of the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

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Debra Rother’s tribute to Jenna Roher
“My inspiration who always strives to do her best, has an incredible joie de vivre and embraces her family and friends with love.”

Karen Kelar’s tribute to My mother Raija Kelar

Guardian Capital LP’s tribute to Valerie Marseille

Helen Merkis’s tribute to Ruth Liebersbach
“I have the privilege of working with and for Ruth Liebersbach. She is a terrific role model for all the women in our office. Ruth has also become friends of mine and my husband Don. How many of us can count their boss as their friend as well? Thanks Ruth!”

Emily Soden’s tribute to Corinne Soden
“To the most amazing mother a girl could have. You inspire me with your endless well of kindness, understanding, generosity and love. I can’t thank you enough for all the support and love you have given me my entire life.”

Teresa Lo’s tribute to Madam Chung

Kathryn Babcock’s tribute to Barbara
“Barbara is an extraodinary woman who has overcome incredible obstacles. You are a study in perserverance and an inspiration!”

Kathryn Babcock’s tribute to Stephanie Lu
“Stephanie is an amazing friend – we had our baby daughters within 2 days of each other and I couldn’t have imagined the early days of motherhood without her support. Thank you Stephanie and here’s to building a beautiful world for our daughters to enjoy.”

Lisa Tant’s tribute to Glenis Tant

Beth Malcolm’s tribute to Margaret Malcolm

Sandra Ketchen’s tribute to Gladys Edna Beryl Allen
“She influenced my life in ways I am still discovering. We miss her terribly but her legacy lives on through many grand-daughters and great-grand-daughters who I am sure have inherited some of her character and zest for life.”

Barbara Everdene’s tribute to Margitta Ewert
“My mom turned sixteen at the height of the Canadian women’s movement. She had her first episode of bi-polar disorder that year. my mom was never able to fully enjoy the dignity and freedom gained by her generation. She’ll always be my greatest hero, though. She taught me how to be present, compassionate, committed, courageous, and how to live with unshakeable integrity. I feel closer to her every day.”

Rose Harrison’s tribute to Dr. Alexandra Levine
“I had the tremendous honour and privilege of working with and for this remarkable lady over the last few years, helping her physician colleagues to adopt electronic medical records at one of the leading cancer centres in North America. Besides her tremendous clinical achievements she is one of the most caring, genuine, kind and competent individuals I have ever met in my life. This video will give you a sense of the lady – she is indeed that.”

Laura Osborne’s tribute to Bethany Osborne and Anna Osborne
“My sisters are strong, caring, wonderful women who have stood by me my entire life. I know that no matter what comes, weíll always be there for each other.”

Dianne Trew’s tribute to Audrey Skeet

John Priestman’s tribute to My daughter Alison Priestman

John Priestman’s tribute to My wife Joan Priestman

Laura Mirabella-Siddall’s tribute to Deborah Sinclair
“I am happy to honour a woman who is a tirelessly works to empower women. Deborah Sinclair has been a wonderful role model for me, inspiring me and opening my eyes to all that I have overcome and all that I can accomplish. I count myself many times blessed that the universe put her on my path.”

Debra Rother’s tribute to My daughter Jenna Rother

Elizabeth Gerrits’s tribute to Joan Gerrits

Jolene Leon’s tribute to Laurice Clare

Sharon Ehler’s tribute to Eileen Ehler

Leigh Naturkach’s tribute to Heidi Naturkach
“My mom’s strength, intelligence, kindness, support, work ethic, and humour are all things I respect and love. I am so lucky to have her as my mother.”

Sandra Diaz’s tribute to Kim Coulter
“Kim is the very best friend any woman could want – smart, fearless, kind, funny and inspiring. Through her example I want to be a better mother, partner and friend. She’s my biggest cheerleader and supporter and I am forever grateful.”

Katherine Gregory’s tribute to LA Quest
“LA Quest is a group of passionate, hard working and giving women working at Paradigm, who are some of the most inspiring women I know!”

Lois Little’s tribute to Aggie Brockman
“Aggie volunteers tirelessly and relentlessly to bring a meaningful anti-poverty strategy to fruition in the NWT. Her countless selfless hours working on poverty will change the lives of northern women.”

Dorothy Raynor’s tribute to Carol Wilkie
“I am honouring my sister because she is the best person I know. She is a very giving person who truly cares about people. She is beautiful inside and out.”

Inez Waddell’s tribute to Sheila Cameron
“Sheila has been my closest friend for over 25 years. She is the most compassionate,giving person I know. She is a hard worker and a trusted confidant. She always believes the best of everyone and I am so proud to have her as my friend.I was also fortunate to know her mother who was just like her.”

Laura Owen’s tribute to Her Family
“For my mom and grandmother, Anna Owen and Barbara Chippior”

Kelly Agar’s tribute to Wendy Agar
“I would like to honour my strong mother who has persevered through difficulties; yet, who has always had time to volunteer her time to help others and with my father, provide my sister and I with a lifetime of wonderful memories and a strong foundation from which we could “fly”. I hope that I am able to be the example for my child that she has been for me.”

Linda Fox’s tribute to Anne Murray
“My inspiration is singer Anne Murray- given her work ethic/values; her pride in and loyalty to her country and family- her courage to speak out and support causes she believes in; her focus on fitness/health; the way she treats people- with kindness and respect- she may be Canada’s National Treasure but she is the world’s role model.”

Christina Politis’s tribute to Garyfallia (Litsa) Politis
“To my mom, Garyfallia (Litsa) Politis, because you have every reason to be so tired and yet you continue to be forgiving and full of faith and hope.”

Germaine Biblow’s tribute to Mrs. Denise Joly
“My mother has been and continues to be my mentor, my inspiration and rock. I finally understand now that I am a mother how difficult it must have been to raise eight children. Her unselfishness and unconditional love is endless. My mother moves me to be the best I can be.”

Pam Wicks’ tribute to Eileen Wicks
“Women Moving Women enables those in need to become better mothers and provide the stability their children need. That’s what I love about this campaign. I have often thought, if only everyone had a mother as good as mine, Eileen Wicks! Benefiting from her unconditional love and support, and seeing the compassion in her heart for others, has undoubtedly helped shape the person I have become. When you grow up just always having that, it empowers you to accomplish great things. My Mom has taught me to envision what I want, and believe I can do anything. And I can! Thanks Mom. I love you.”

Jane Francisco

Jane Francisco
Two women I think of almost everyday are my grandmothers: Emilie Guignard Hayhoe and Pricilla Collard Francisco. They’re now gone from my life, but their influence constant. How they lived has informed everything from my work ethic to my relationship with my son. My mom’s mom Emilie was industrious, charismatic and almost eccentric in her individualism. She cultivated an ambitious environment full of unique experiences and can-do enthusiasm. My dad’s mom Pricilla was loving with a capital L. She created a warm world full of encouragement, unconditional acceptance – and sweet treats. Both were amazing cooks – Emilie, famous for her hearty homemade breads, and Pricilla, for her rich and delicious pies. No surprise I’m a fan of both sweet and savoury!

Tracy Moore

Tracy Moore
My mom, Marjorie Moore, is the best woman I know. Despite the fact that her mother died when my mom was just a child and that her father abandoned her, she has risen to the occasion of motherhood time and time again. I was a picky-eating child and she’d go through three or four options before finding something I’d eat. When I was a cranky teenager, she let me air out my angst by stepping back and allowing me to grow my independence. When I became a new mom she let me cry on her shoulder and complain about how hard it was and instead of rolling her eyes she commiserated. I love my mom. If I turned out to be just like her it would be a really good thing.

Anne Murray

Anne Murray
The woman who has been most inspirational in my life is my mother, Marion Murray. She raised six children and was a wonderful mother and role model. She was strong, kind, generous, gracious and oozed class. She treated everyone the same. Perhaps the one quality about her that impressed me the most was her ability to make people feel at ease and special. She was special.

Jamie Campbell

Jamie Campbell
As a teenager, I blindly assumed that I’d marry the perfect woman, and luckily, I did. My wife, Alison Redmond, is the sunshine of my life. We have two young boys and the best part of the afternoon is watching her burst through the door after a day at work with a mile-wide smile, happy to wrap her arms around a house full of men.

Sally Armstrong

Sally Armstrong
I would like to honour Jamie Podmorrow from Lake Country BC. She’s the mother of Alaina Podmorrow who started Little Women for Little Women in Afghanistan. Jamie has been her daughter’s guiding light and biggest cheerleader. She took up her daughter’s cause because she believed in helping girls in Afghanistan but also because she knew her own then nine-year-old daughter was learning life-altering lessons in the process. Jamie inspires. She listens, takes action, wears her heart on her sleeve. She’s savvy and she sets a great example.

Dina Pugilese

Dina Pugliese
Being a mom means you will forever sacrifice your needs for your child. For my beautiful mom, it has always gone beyond that. I can’t ever thank her enough for her constant guidance, teaching, patience (lots of patience…I’m a middle child), nurturing and sacrifice, to make sure my sisters and I were happy, healthy and whole. I try to spoil her now (when she lets me) for all that she’s done over the years and continues to do every day. Mary Pugliese, your unconditional love is the most powerful and beautiful gift in the world. Words can’t express how grateful and blessed I am to have you as my role model, my best friend….my mother. I love you with all of my heart and soul and I strive to be more and more like you.

Arlene Dickinson

Arlene Dickinson
Chatelaine‘s Women Who Move You is the perfect way to honour and show thanks to the people in our lives who have helped make us better. In my case I would say that Annette Verschuren is that woman. She is a leader, an innovator, an intelligent and insightful business person and, through it all, has maintained her integrity, sense of humour and willingness to both listen to and help those around her. She in a word, inspirational.

Stephen Lewis

Stephen Lewis
Where else would I possibly turn? My wife, Michele Landsberg, is a feminist, a socialist, a brilliant writer, a treasured mom, a loving partner and amid the joyful fray of grandchildren has just published a history of Canadian feminism titled Writing the Revolution. Wow.

Arlene Duncan

Arlene Duncan
The woman who has most inspired me is my Mother: Mrs. Icilda Bailey.
Throughout my life and by example my mother helped me to follow my dreams, supported my love of the arts, encouraged my independence and to always strive for excellence. She immigrated to Canada as a young girl from Jamaica and later became a nurse. I grew up influenced by her involvement in social & cultural causes such as Foster Children of Canada and starting the Halton Canadian Caribbean Association in my hometown of Oakville, Ontario. Although she passed away a few years ago, I can still hear her voice and feel her influence in my life.

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