Wise Guys on what a man's really trying to say when he doesn't get in touch

What should you do when a guy you’ve been seeing suddenly stops calling? Our all-male panel dishes on this and other sex and relationship dilemmas

Dear Wise Guys:
I dated a guy for three weeks. We had fun every time we went out, and he told me the time he spent with me was wonderful. We spent the weekend together the third weekend we were dating. He called a couple of days later, but now more than a week has passed and I haven’t heard anything. Does this mean it’s over?

Dave, a happily married man, says:
Yeah, it’s over. Unless he’s been in a coma or kidnapped at gunpoint, he’s taken the coward’s way out. He owed you at least a call and an explanation after spending the weekend, but lacked the cojones to do it. Don’t start wondering what you did wrong. Anyone that gutless isn’t worth your time or tears.

Bruce, a pal to countless gals, says:
The only way to find out is to give him a ring. But if he doesn’t call back within a day or two, forget about him. Don’t fall into the trap of being one of those gals who waits for his call and can’t move on without hearing from him. If he has ignored you for that long, he isn’t worth your attention, so chalk it up to a fun fling and feel good about setting your sights on someone better.

Patrick, brother of two sisters, says:
The short answer is, yes, it’s probably over. The good news is you found out he was a jerk in only three weeks! I’m going to guess that after you spent the weekend together, the thrill of the chase was gone and he moved on. So, as tempting as it might be to listen, when he calls you up out of the blue (and he will) and realizes you are actually cool, sexy and wonderful, you should move on, too.