Who's who at Chatelaine's 80th gala

Cover models Debbie Travis, Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau, Monika Schnarre and more help Chatelaine celebrate 80 years at the Windsor Arms Hotel in Toronto in our exclusive video coverage.

1. Looking sharp
Publisher Kerry Mitchell is thrilled with the redesign of the magazine and
(0:25 min)
2. Connecting Canadian women
Pamela Wallin is happy not to be reading about Lindsay Lohan.
(1:11 min)
3. Style with ease
CBC talk show hosts Steven Sabados and Chris Hyndman love the food section of Chatelaine.
(0:25 min)
4. Chatelaine in space?
Unfortunately astronaut Roberta Bondar didn’t have room in her luggage…
(0:25 min)
5. Supermodel in Aisle 6
Monika Schnarre doesn’t worry about beauty when she’s working on home renos.
(0:40 min)
6. Ahead of its time
Editor-in-chief Maryam Sanati describes her favourite era of Chatelaine.
(0:25 min)
7. Did Chatelaine come to 24 Sussex Drive?
Margaret Trudeau and daughter Alicia Kemper say “Yes!” (sort of).
(0:43 min)
8. Mood music
Eva Avila has a suggestion for the music pages of Chatelaine.
(0:45 min, French with English subtitles)
9. Christmas in July
Debbie Travis gets her house done up for a Chatelaine photo shoot.
(0:50 min)
10. Keeping it real
Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau admires the team that works at Chatelaine.
(0:27 min)
11. No models under 25
Editorial director Lise Ravary discusses Chatelaine’s artistic policies.
(0:44 min)
12. Improv games
Dini Petty does an impromptu plug for Chatelaine.
(0:40 min)