Who will live the longest?

We asked a panel of experts to estimate the life expectancy of three healthy Canadian women. Read on to find out who's got time on her side—and what you can do to add years to your own life.

How we did it

Predicting life span is both a science and an art. Our experts studied Kristin, Janet and Tina’s lifestyle factors (diet, exercise and stress level) and then combined these considerations with genetic predispositions to a variety of diseases. Then, using an abundance of research and statistical information, the panel calculated disease risk for each of our participants.

Art entered into a rather scientific process when the experts assigned values to each of the various risk factors. For example, our experts feel that in most cases (and certainly in the case of our three participants), diet and exercise outweigh family history with respect to heart disease. Similarly, regular exercise trumps moderate amounts of excess weight (seven to 10 pounds, say) for most disease outcomes.

In the end, there is no formula that guarantees a completely accurate longevity prediction, but our experts think we’ve come pretty close.

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