What's your Buy-Q? Answer: Shopaphobic

Whatever your shopping style, our experts will help you score great deals your way

Time-challenged and stressed, the last thing you want to do in your downtime is shop. You buy presents at the last minute and rarely purchase things for yourself. When you do, you’re so anxious to get out of the store that you’ll pay top dollar for a piece that doesn’t suit you.

Our experts to the rescue
Shop small Buy from small stores, where staff is more knowledgeable and you won’t have to fight department store crowds.

Time it right Shop on slow days. Sabrina Messina, a fashion consultant for the Bay, says, “Don’t go out on a Saturday if you know you hate to shop.” Instead, visit stores on Monday or Tuesday when you’ll have the undivided attention of sales associates and won’t have to fight crowds to get to the sale rack.

Tag along with friends Try to shop once every few months with someone who enjoys it. She’ll show you the ropes and help calm you down when you feel anxious.


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