What's your Buy-Q? Answer: Shopaholic

Whatever your shopping style, our experts will help you score great deals your way

A slave to fashion, you’re constantly updating your wardrobe and your home. You love almost everything you see and buy for buying’s sake. It pains you to walk by a mall without going in. When you’re not shopping, you’re dreaming about it. Your closet’s bursting at its seams with clothes you rarely wear. The credit card companies consider you a close friend.

Our experts to the rescue
Go to a movie Avoid shopping as a form of entertainment. Instead, go for a walk or check out a new film with your friends—anything to keep your money out of the stores.

Keep a routine Buy from places where you know you can return items in case you change your mind when the Visa bill arrives.

Talk to yourself Wendy Natale, personal shopper/wardrobe stylist at On Your Behalf, says you should ask yourself three important questions before making a purchase: “Do I really need this item?,” “Will this item enhance my wardrobe?” and “Can I work with it, or am I just buying it for the sake of buying it?” Chances are you’ll buy less if you put the time into thinking about an item before buying it.


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