What's your Buy-Q? Answer: Impulse buyer

Whatever your shopping style, our experts will help you score great deals your way

Unlike the shopaholic, you’re reeled into stores by their window displays, not by an itch to buy. A fan of last-minute shopping and department stores, you often grab things from the first rack in sight. You don’t consider how heavy the item is or how you’ll get it home. You’re a busy woman trying to balance a number of things in your life, so when you see something you like, you get it.

Our experts to the rescue
Put away the plastic Wendy Natale, personal shopper/wardrobe stylist at On Your Behalf, advises you to use cash. “Don’t always use a credit card. If you know you can afford it, buy it outright. If you have to keep buying things and putting them on credit, don’t buy them.”

Plan ahead If you have a wedding or birthday party on the calendar next month, start thinking about it now. Organize your outfit and buy the accessories or other pieces you need. You won’t have the stress of last-minute shopping and you’ll be less tempted to purchase the first thing you see.

An urge to purge Empty your closet once every six months. Invite a friend over and try everything on for her. Have her tell you which pieces to keep and which ones to banish.


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