What your makeup – or lack thereof – says about you

In today’s news: the world is judging your makeup habits; cows that produce human breast milk; Tina Fey’s new book; Best Buy customer data breached; and the new pH balancing tampons, demystified.


Do you wear makeup? Do you not wear makeup? Either way, you’re being judged. A recent article in the Financial Times by Bethan Cole explains what your makeup routine – or lack thereof – is saying to the world. Cole says that “women increasingly dare to bare,” and that there is now a “a bravery and efficiency associated with not wearing cosmetics.” But don’t get too carried away with your makeup-free self confidence: an image consultant Cole interviewed for the piece reminds ladies who think they look good makeup free to think again: “Aside from young girls, most women only look great completely free from make-up in bed, on the beach, and at a spa, gym or yoga class.” Thank you, Financial Post, for the nostalgic flashback to 1950s pre-feminism ideas about beauty. Yeesh. 

Chinese scientists have engineered cows that can produce “human” breast milk. The cows have been genetically modified with human genes to produce milk rich in the nutrients that is usually found in human milk. Researchers say this milk could provide and healthier alternative to breast milk – you’ll just have suppress that mental image of of a cow with human breasts. 

Tina Fey has had some pretty hilariously nasty insults hurled her way, including “ugly, pear-shaped, bitchy, overrated troll.” But that hasn’t stopped the one-woman comedic franchise from taking the primarily male world of comedy by storm. In her new book, Bossypants, Fey regales the reader with tales of her unpopular youth and even more unpopular university years, followed by her SNL years and the 30 Rock sitcom that sealed her status as America’s first lady of comedy. For the New York Times review of the book, click here

Are you a Best Buy shopper? Then listen up. The electronics behemoth has experienced a data breach, exposing the names and email addresses of both Canadian and American customers. A spokesperson warned customers to be wary of emails from the company, and never to provide personal information over email. 

Is your vagina’s pH balance of our nether regions? RepHresh brand “brilliant” tampons wants you to think so. A recent article on Jezebel gets the rundown on this new product and outlines why it may or may not be helpful. For more info, click here

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