Vancouver, I have arrived!

My house hunting trip to Vancouver has begun, and now that I'm here, I find myself suddenly at easy with my decision to move.


I have arrived in Vancouver for my house hunting trip. I now have a week to find a place to live in the thriving metropolis of this city. It’s not going to be easy and it will certainly be a stressful search, but it’s also very, very exciting.

I stepped off the plane and could instantly fill my lungs with ocean air. Isn’t it a glorious smell? As I drove my rental car down the highway, I was flooded with memories of why I had loved Vancouver so much when I was here during the Olympics. Where else can you ski and play a round of golf all in one day? What other city feels this relaxed and carefree? From my hotel room, I can see the mountains and the ocean all in one beautiful location. Yes, I’m going to like it here.

I plan on returning to all my old haunts that I came to love during my three months here. I will luxuriate at the place around the corner that sells pieces of glorious cake the size of your head, the old movie theatre that has a balcony so you don’t feel weird going alone, the Vancouver Aquarium that is great for relaxing and wandering, the Orpheum for some amazing opera, and the Vancouver Art Gallery that I could stare at for days. These are the reasons I love big cities; you just can’t be bored.

Yesterday, while having dinner with my friend Chantal, she said to me, “You’re going to love Vancouver! You fit right in with all the other artsy people!” I couldn’t help but laugh a little because she was right. For the first time in a long time, Vancouver had made me feel like I belonged.

I’m fully aware that signing a lease means I seal the deal and I will officially be moving across the country and out of the military. The whole decision will be made with just the scribble of my name. Funny, as the last time a signature meant this much was the day I signed to enroll in the military. 

How ironic.