Mother's Day gift idea: A cool idea for Mom's favourite recipes

Surprise Mom with personalized tea towels she can use again and again.

There’s nothing quite like an old family recipe to conjure nostalgic feelings for one’s childhood. As many of us will attest, no matter how many fancy restaurants you may venture into, quite often, nothing ever feels quite as good as Mom’s home-cooked meals. This Mother’s Day, we’re turning those time-honoured family recipes into treasured keepsakes. In a few easy steps, you can put Mom’s handwritten recipes onto pretty tea towels.


1. Select a recipe, and scan it into a computer.

DIY tea towel and recipe craft for Mother's Day

Get your mom’s recipe

2. If you would like, you can select a printing service to print these images on to a cotton/ linen canvas, otherwise, you can purchase inexpensive iron-on sheets at a local craft store such as Michael’s or Walmart as I have here.

3. Using the instructions for your iron-on sheets, print the recipes out using an ink-jet printer. Note: A laser printer will not work for this particular task.

4. Following the iron-on instructions and transfer your scanned image from the printed iron-on sheet to your tea towel. Note: When using iron-on images, the image will appear as a mirror image of the original piece. Therefore, you should horizontally ‘flip’ the image before printing onto your iron-on sheets.

DIY tea towel and recipe craft for Mother's Day
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5. Following the instructions for your iron-on sheets, be sure to iron over the image for at least 2-3 minutes before lifting the sheet to reveal the completed piece. You’re done! Tip: Handwash these pieces as needed to ensure they endure daily use.

DIY tea towel and recipe craft for Mother's Day


Bonus: Make a pretty gift topper to wrap your Mother’s Day gift in! Get the instructions here.

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