Osborne Village, named Canada's best neighbourhood

A little big boho with a dash of urban cool, Osborne Village is a happening neighbourhood of galleries, theatres and comedy festivals.

Winnipeggers have reason to be proud of Osborne Village, home to a thriving art and music scene, with a little comic relief thrown in during its yearly comedy fest. Spanning only a few blocks, this eclectic area was recently named Canada’s Best Neighbourhood by 200,000 voters. Here are some of our favourite places to visit:

Pastry perfection
Everyone knows that for a slice of shmoo, Winnipeg’s infamously decadent dessert, there’s nowhere better than Baked Expectations (or simply “Baked” if you’re a local). Stop by to satisfy your sweet tooth in a fun, ’50s-inspired setting where for the past 30 years, owner Beth Grubert has served up the heavenly caramel, whipped cream and pecan torte along with to-die-for cheesecakes, pies and more. 161 Osborne St.

Baked Expectations Cake, Osborne Village

Baked Expectations, Photo by Julie Cortens

Gourmet pub grub
You won’t find the usual greasy pub fare at Luxalune. Owned by brothers Lawrence and Chris Warwaruk, this is where high-end tapas meet locally sourced craft beer, including the brothers’ own brew, Farmery. Luxalune serves up more than 170 types of beer in total and even boasts its own cocktail, the True North Caesar. 734 Osborne St., South Osborne.

Luzalune Pub, Osborne Village

Luxalune Pub

Retro flair
Embrace your inner pin-up girl at Rockabetty, where iconic ’50s styles get the punk treatment in everything from locally made swing skirts to flirty dresses and faux-pearl necklaces. There’s even a “Billys and Greasers” line for men, so you and your guy can get all dolled up and re-enact your favourite dance scenes from Grease. 121B Osborne St.

Art attack
No visit is complete without a tour of Winnipeg’s first artists’ co-operative. The Medea Gallery opened its doors in 1976 and has since become home to artists and art lovers alike, showcasing everything from paintings and prints to sculptures and photography — the collection changes monthly. You can also pop by to try your hand at painting or sculpting a masterpiece of your very own at one of the gallery’s co-operative art events. 132 Osborne St.

Graffiti Gallery at Gas Station Arts Center, Osborne Village

Graffiti gallery at Gas Station Arts Center, Photo by Susan Mitchell

Stage appeal
A graffiti gallery decorates the outdoor plaza of the Gas Station Arts Centre, which has been a hotbed of community talent for the past 30 years. In addition to concerts, plays and fashion shows, the theatre is home to the side-splittingly funny Winnipeg Comedy Festival, held here every spring. 445 River Ave.