top 10 hearbs: Herb know-how


Grow your own herbs
Savouring your own homegrown herbs is easy, whether your garden is a sprawlingspread or an apartment window box

By Jennifer Danter
First published in Chatelaine’s May 2003 issue.
© Rogers Publishing Ltd.

Herb know-how

• Click on “Richters InfoCentre” at for herb-growing info. This Web site is also a great online source for herbs.
• The Hungry Herb Gardener: Growing and Using Culinary Herbs (Prentice Hall) by Judith Adam shows how to have a thriving herb garden anywhere.
• Thyme in the Kitchen: Cooking with Fresh Herbs (Prentice Hall) by Yvonne Tremblay is an herb-lover’s bible, with growing tips and recipes.


  • Intro
  • Favourite herb varieties
  • Grow, nurture, pick
  • Top 10 herbs
  • Herbs in pots
  • Storing herbs
  Herb know-how
  • Yard workout
  • Pot luck
  • Your complete gardening guide
  • Swap gardening tips in our Home + garden forum
  • Garden guru Yvonne Cunnington: April 14 to 18

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