'Tis the season for family

Last night, we arrived home to share the holidays with my parents. It feels so nice to finally have us all together again. But our holidays haven't been without their disasters.

Mark and I figure we have an edge up on our last Christmas. Mark had thrown out his back and couldn’t move and Duncan had done a crazy run into my face and put my tooth through my lip, giving me a nice little requirement for stitches. But alas, a Thompson holiday is never without issues. We had a Christmas party last Saturday night only to have our toilet leak…through the dining room ceiling…onto the shoulder of my friend…and then into the bean dip. Sigh. Perfect. However, the plumbers arrived and all is back to how it should be. Minus the major hole in the ceiling but I digress.

So now we`ve come home to my parent’s house in Barrie. I’ve written several times before about how lucky I am to have such wonderful parents who support me and cheer me on no matter what I do. The Thompsons have been through a lot but oh man, we know how to laugh about it.

I love coming home this time of year because when you’re separated from it, you never realize how many traditions you have as a family, and how those traditions make up your whole lives together. I find that when you’re in the military and constantly moving houses, objects within your house become comforting and nostalgic because they have always moved with you. We’ve had the same artificial tree since I was born and when I see the box, I know that Christmas is around the corner. My dad will cook the turkey the day before so that he doesn’t have to do a lot of work on Christmas day and my mom will fuss over how the gravy is too runny (or too thick). I have come to cherish the minutia of my family’s neuroses.

It’s also been nice to see Wilbur, my parents Goldendoodle, seen in this photo, because without Duncan, I really crave some dog time. Don’t they bring a little something extra to life? We’re seen here in my parent’s backyard, surrounded by MOUNDS of snow. Oh boy, I’m glad I’ve moved to milder conditions in Kingston!

So yes, I’m so happy to be home and with Mark here, it’s like the circle has been completed again. That’s the thing about us military folk…we know better than most how to appreciate the ones we love because you never know when they’ll be leaving again and you’ll be left missing those details that you’ve come to love so much.