Seven ways to save time throughout your day

Shave hours off your busy workdays with these easy tricks to help you to become more time-efficient.

alarm clock and female legs on a wooden floor

Photo, iStock.

1. Have an everyday makeup bag

Put all your daily makeup in one spot, and you won’t waste time digging around looking for that perfect lip gloss.

2. Create a handy drop spot

Have a pretty dish by the front door. Empty your pockets into it each night to avoid morning “where are my keys” panic.

3. Stop procrastinating

The less you want to do a job, the more “urgent” things you find to do instead. Start the day with an uncomfortable task — it’s called “eating the frog.” By doing something important first thing while you have more brainpower, you’ll ensure that no matter how crazy things get, you’ve checked one key thing off your list.

4. Check your email, just not often

Switching between tasks can waste 40 percent of your workday. Don’t answer your email every time it pings; instead, deal with it a few times a day.

5. Spy on yourself

Don’t let working at your computer become a black hole: Try Rescue Time. This sneaky app runs in the background revealing exact time wasted doing, ahem, research.

6. Toss it in a bowl

Put a large bowl next to your prep area and throw in scraps of vegetables, etc. It’ll save you multiple trips to the compost bin and keep your counter tidy.

7. PVR your must-see TV

The average hour-long show is 36 percent commercials. Keep the entertainment and cut the filler by PVR-ing your shows and fast-forwarding through the commercials.