Throwback Thursday: Adrienne Clarkson's beauty routine (1966)

Well before she held positions of significant parliamentary importance, this bright-eyed young journalist was contending with mascara goop, just like the rest of us.

The issue:
October 1966

The times: LSD is criminalized in the United States; the Montreal Metro is born; Grace Slick joins Jefferson Airplane as lead singer.

The beauty inspiration: A 27-year-old Adrienne Clarkson. Long before she was appointed Canada’s 26th Governor General (and decorated with a truckload of prestigious awards and honorary degrees), Clarkson was just a fresh-faced city gal trying to make a name for herself in the fast-paced world of Canadian journalism. For our 1966 lifestyle feature “Beauty secrets of four very busy women,” the future Order of Canada recipient divulged her makeup and self-care regimens to Chatelaine‘s then–beauty editor Eveleen Dollery, complete with cosmetic tidbits gleaned from the set of CBC’s Take-Thirty, which she co-hosted at the time. Read on for Clarkson’s tips for achieving a newsworthy glow.

Apply a medium shade of cream foundation on your neck and ears, but use a lighter shade for nose and cheeks.

Brown eyeshadow and black eyeliner add depth to lids. If you wear contacts, make like Clarkson and trade inky mascaras for false lashes.

A tawny shade is better when cameras are rolling, but a combination of pink powder and foundation works best for day-to-day.

Brush your waist-length mane for no more than five minutes. Trim and perm once a year.

Weekly manicures are key.

Use a liquid cleanser to remove makeup, and follow with a second (and vigorous) wash with soap.

Run stairs; do isometrics on the bus to work. Remember, you are very busy.

Two words: scented bath.

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