Three ways to max out your mudroom

Quick solutions for your entryway clutter

1. Be disciplined and hang coats in a closet (they will hold their shape better). Use clothing hooks to hang colour-coded or initialed canvas bags designated for each family member. These will serve as a catch-all for hats, mitts, scarves and even mail.

2. Shoes are the scourge of the mudroom and need regular corralling. To keep them from tripping you up, get a multi-tier shoe rack or one that rotates. It will help shoes dry out too.

3. If you have space, a narrow cabinet in a bright hue can stash clutter, serve as mail central and offer a cheery welcome. Look for deep cupboards and line shelves with plastic trays to catch soggy boot run-off (try using a dishrack mat). For seating that plays double duty look for a bench with hidden storage.