The world's top 25 fattest countries

Canada mercifully doesn't crack the 25 fattest countries in the world; people who want their pets to die when they do; a new eating disorder; undiscovered Picasso paintings revealed; and what will kill you (if it doesn't make you stronger)



Bad news on the obesity front. According to the World Health Organization’s statistics compiled on the GlobalPost’s list of the world’s top 25 fattest countries, the human race is getting steadily fatter, and will likely continue to do so. Nine out of the top ten countries are tiny island nations, with Nauru, Micronesia and the Cook Islands topping the list. The only western country to crack the top is – you guessed it – the United States. Argentina, Mexico, Greece, Egypt and the United Kingdom also make top 25, with Canada thankfully nowhere to be seen.  

When I die, so does Fluffy. That’s the sentiment of an increasing number of people, who are requesting that their pets be put down when they themselves die. Many cite concerns that no one will care for their pet properly once they’re gone. Some relatives carry out the wishes of the dying relative and have the pets euthanized, but many cannot go through with it. Expert veterinarians say the needs of the animal, and not the owner, should come first, which means Fluffy stays, even if you go.  

Several new studies suggest that a previously unidentified eating disorder may be seriously disrupting lives: extreme pickiness. While most people commonly assume picky eaters are merely spoiled or headstrong, new evidence suggests that some people are so physically repulsed by a wide variety of foods that they literally cannot eat them without feeling nauseous. It may not be a choice, but an actual physiological condition, and may affect children as well as adults. 

An incredible stash of what is believed to be 271 previously undiscovered Picasso paintings has been revealed in France. An elderly French electrician and his wife came forward with the paintings, which they say were given to them by the artist in exchange for electrical work. Their authenticity is currently being verified, and if real, have an estimated value of $79.3 million. A gallery of the breathtaking works can be seen here

Though likely not shocking, the latest statistics on causes of death in Canada are nonetheless sobering. Cancer and heart disease lead the way, accounting for 30 and 22 percent of deaths, respectively. Stroke came in third, causing six percent of deaths, followed by chronic lower respiratory diseases, accidents, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, influenza and pneumonia, kidney disease and suicide.  

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