The new liquid crystal

Liquid Crystal Display TVs are back in the game—and they're better than ever before

Back in the day, digital watches with LCDs (Liquid Crystal Displays) were the hottest thing. We’d look down at the time displayed on a wafer-thin, gray screen the size of a postage stamp and marvel at modern technology. What next, a robot to do the housework?

Now, with our love of the latest and greatest techno toys, we can rekindle our affection for LCDs—but this time, we’re talking TVs, not watches. Initially, LCD televisions seemed like a great idea—with their sleek design and slim profiles—but they had problems. Consumers complained they could only watch TV in a darkened room, smack dab in front of the screen or else the picture quality was terrible.

Technology caught up with a new generation of LCD TVs. With exceptional picture quality designed to counter those ‘bright room’ problems, as well as a sharper image that lets you wander around the room with a clear view at every angle. We wondered if it could get any better. And then it became wireless!

Plug Sharp’s digital, audio video transmitter into a video source (like a VCR or DVD player) and you’ll be invisibly hooked-up to watch TV wherever you’d like on a swanky, 15-inch Wireless AQUOS LCD TV. The picture and stereo sound stays sharp up to 30 metres away from the source, while the carrying handle makes it a snap to move from room to room. Since it’s wireless, the AQUOS needs a battery, but it’s built into the unit and is rechargeable, providing three hours of viewing time. Just think: you can watch your favourite flick while flipping burgers on the barbecue. Now that’s progress!

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