The joy of eating

How one woman learned that an all-you-can-eat appetite for food doesn't have to be a guilty pleasure

5 things I’ve learned about eating well
Eat with your eyes, ears, fingers and brain
There’s a lot more on your plate than fuel. Savour the colour and texture of your food; honour the care and artistry of the hands that prepared it.
Eat sitting down
Even if it’s only a breakfast bar, taking a seat will help you focus on your food, not on the dirty dishes or finding world peace.
Take time to taste
Are your eating experiences more of the “wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am” variety? Allowing yourself even an additional 10 minutes at a meal gives you more time to chew and enjoy rather than scarf, making you less likely to overeat.
Visit a farm or farmers’ market
Food tastes even better once you understand what goes into growing it. Witness amazing varieties you can’t always get at the supermarket.
Eat for you, not for anyone else
Hey, what goes on between you and your Hershey Kisses is nobody else’s business but your own. Your food is totally devoted to you and you alone.