Hold On To Your Teacups, The First Full-Length Trailer for The Crown Season 2 Is Here

‘What is it that you’d have me change?’ ‘Everything.’ Get a glimpse of the turbulence in store for the Netflix favourite’s second season.

The Crown is set to resume its small screen reign on Dec 8 and based on the newly released trailer, the House of Windsor will once again be turned upside down.

While season one explored the Queen’s transition to monarch at the tender age of 25, the show’s second series will delve into her marital strife with husband Prince Philip and the fallout from political scandal. “One more scandal, one more national embarrassment, and it will all be over,” Claire Foy (as Queen Elizabeth II) declares in one of the featured scenes.

What To Expect In Season Two Of <em>The Crown</em> (Like Princess Margaret Finding Love Again)
What To Expect In Season Two Of The Crown (Like Princess Margaret Finding Love Again)

As hinted at in the trailer, one of the main sources of conflict between the couple is Prince Philip’s desire to escape Britain and see the world. The Queen is left at home to fend for her country, while Philip is seen gallivanting around the world to find himself (growing a bushy beard while he’s at it).

The new season will also catch up with the royal sisters. While Her Majesty must adhere to a stringent protocol, her beautiful and rebellious sister Princess Margaret will continue to push the boundaries of royal life. After her romantic quest to marry a war hero and divorcée goes awry, Margaret will find love again with photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones.

Foy’s final turn as the Queen, before Olivia Colman claims the throne, hones in on the monarch’s personal life beyond the monarchy. From battling with her sister to trying to help Philip settle down to discovering her first pregnancy while on an extended trip to Canada, the second set of ten episodes is guaranteed to be chock-full of drama, controversy and excitement.

Netflix's The Crown Season 2 New Trailer: Elizabeth watches Philip's plane take off

Elizabeth watches Philip’s plane take off. (Netflix)