The best travel apps

Get ready for your family vacation with these helpful apps

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Taking a vacation with the whole family can be a headache (especially with the kids asking “are we there yet?” every five minutes), but these apps make it so that your getaway is as easy as one, two, three.

World Customs and Cultures
Not sure how to tip in Argentina? No problem. This guide to social etiquette has the do’s and don’ts for over 165 countries.

Packing Pro
It has brilliant checklists, but we really love the sample packing templates.

Sit or Squat Bathroom Finder
Get the 411 on nearby public washrooms, including user reviews, hours of availability and even photos.

Sullen teens will turn instantly sweet if they can borrow your iPhone to watch TV, movies and viral videos.

Arts and crafts without the mess — this app lets kids doodle, write and paint over the photos on your phone.

Keep them occupied with this puzzle game. Kids drag and drop shapes into place to win.