The best gifts for your guy

Surprise him with a present made just for him

If your guy is hard to shop for, go the personal route. It shows how well you know him and he’ll appreciate a gift from the heart. 

DVD box set
Create a custom box set with his all-time favourite flicks. You can go by genre or by actor (or if you’re confident, actress). This is a great gift for new couples because it shows that you’re interested in what he likes and that you’re paying attention. Here’s a few ideas: Anything with Jason Bourne, James Bond, Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughan, Paul Rudd, Will Smith or created by Judd Apatow. And shhhh – this is a gift that’s good for you, too. It’s the perfect time of year to curl up on DVD date night and get cozy.

Stocking stuffers
Stocking stuffers are usually a mix of useful gifts and favourite sweets: Coffee cards, magazine subscriptions, razors, grooming products, mini-bottles of liquor, gum and candy, are all traditional stuffers that guys love to get. Why not try a new tradition like Jane and her husband Daniel from Hamilton, ON. “Every year we pick a letter out of a hat (actually it’s a Santa hat) and the stocking stuffers have to start with that letter. We haven’t picked X yet, but Z was interesting. His stocking [to me] had a Zen theme while mine [for him] was zoo-based with animal print boxers and a turtle key chain to remind him of a trip we took to the Galapagos Islands.”

Guys night in
Surprise him with a fully catered guys night in. Whether it’s a poker night, a Rock Band bash or just a few buddies watching the game, plan out a menu, prepare it, provide the drinks and leave. If you’re not a domestic goddess, order takeout or try our easy boldly spiced big-batch chili. It doesn’t have to be fancy or extravagant, knowing that you planned a night that’s all about him is heartwarming enough. “I threw my husband a Super Bowl party with four kinds of wings, twice-baked potatoes and nachos, all homemade. I took the kids to my sister’s and left the men to fend for themselves,” says Nancy from Mississauga, ON, whose been married for 17 years. “That was five years ago and he still brings it up as the best gift ever.” It’s one gift your partner will want to return – by doing the same for you.

Lingerie, lotion, massage
Yes, tying yourself with a big red bow may seem cliche, but it’s a standby that always gets his attention. “My wife does it every year,” says a loving husband of 13 years who shall remain anonymous. “She asks me what colour I’m thinking of and whenever we get a chance, whether it’s Christmas Eve or even Boxing Day, she puts on the lingerie and a bow and I unwrap her. I look forward to it every year.”

“If a woman ever did that for me, I think I’d fall in love,” says Don, a single 39-year-old father of two. “It’s just one of those fantasies every guy has, and if you go through with it you’ll both be happy.”