4 Awe-Inspiring Places To See The Stars In Canada

You don’t need the James Webb Space Telescope to do some serious stargazing this fall.

a picture of a snow-capped mountain with a lake in front at night with a comet and stars visible in the night sky

Jasper National Park, Alberta. (Photo: Getty)

Fall is one of the best times to catch a glimpse of the stars. The nights are longer than the days, and comfortable temperatures make it enjoyable to be outside for extended periods of time. Here are four of the best places in Canada to go stargazing.

McDonald Park Dark-Sky Preserve, British Columbia

Located near Abbotsford, B.C., this park is shielded from light pollution by nearby Sumas Mountain, giving you a perfect black backdrop to the starry sky above.

Jasper National Park, Alberta

This massive national park is one of the world’s largest dark-sky preserves, meaning there’s minimal light pollution obscuring your view. Visit from October 14 to 23 for the Dark Sky Festival’s star-studded lineup of events, from night hikes to guided telescope sessions.

Point Pelee National Park, Ontario

Located at the southernmost point of the country, this dark-sky park is potentially the only place in Canada where you can see some southern hemisphere constellations.

Cavendish Beach, P.E.I.

With very little light pollution and breathtaking red cliffs, this beach is one of the best places to get a peek into the cosmos. And, as a bonus, you can look at the stars’ reflection in the calm Atlantic waters.

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