Soldier, writer, and public speaker!

On Tuesday, I served as the keynote speaker for the Kingston Military Family Resource Centre's annual meeting. They provide services and support to military families, with a specific focus on the families of deployed soldiers.

Well, Tuesday I gathered up my nerves, went to the Officer’s Mess on the base and gave a 15 minute speech to the Kingston Military Family Resource Centre to talk about my blog, since they focus much of their work on assisting the families of deployed soldiers. Admittedly, I was nervous, although public speaking rarely makes me feel this way. But I felt this burning need to impress them, entertain them, and let all of the board members know that their work matters. The military families in the area rely on them heavily for support, which they provide in the form of educational courses, emergency child care, and access to social workers.

And thinking of it now, I’m not sure why I allowed myself to panic the way I did because I’ve never spoken to such a supportive and caring group of people. Some cried when I read my first blog post which detailed the day Ben left. Many laughed when I joked about using Duncan as my emotional crutch while he’s been away. They wanted to shake my hand afterwards, tell me they felt the same way when their spouse left and let me know that I was not alone. It was a fantastic day. And hopefully, some of those board members and their clients will continue to read the blog and feel that they aren`t alone either.

And today, the week got better because I finally brought Duncan back from my parents place. I’m not yet in a position where I can walk him or play with him like I usually would (the knee still has quite the way to go!) but the house feels so much more full of life with him home! Currently, he’s happily munching on a bone, looking up at me occasionally to do this weird one-eyed blink he always does. I think he`s letting me know he`ll look after me for now until relieved from his post.

Well, two outta three ain’t bad. But until Ben gets home, the family just isn’t quite complete.

Just two more months. I keep reminding myself…two more months.