Social quandary: Should I hang out with my married colleague?

She wants her friendship with her colleague to stay the same, but she suspects he might have romantic feelings for her.



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I’ve known my colleague John for about a year. Though we’ve never socialized outside of work, I consider him a friend and we share common interests. He recently invited me out to a concert of a band we’re both big fans of — but I’m not sure how to respond.

I’m happily married and he’s been in a committed relationship for years. His girlfriend works out of town a lot and she’s away for the next month. Normally I wouldn’t hesitate to agree to a friendly outing with a co-worker, but this time I’m a bit wary. I suspect he has developed a small crush on me; he compliments me a bit too often and his gaze lingers longer than it should. I could be overanalyzing or just being sensitive, but if my suspicions are correct, I wouldn’t want to encourage romantic feelings. I also don’t want to make things uncomfortable at work. What’s the best way to proceed?

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