Social quandary: Once a cheater, always a cheater?

Their relationship started out as an affair. Should she trust him enough to move across the country to be with him?

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Have you found yourself in an awkward situation? Has someone irked you and you’re not sure how best to proceed? If so, you’re not alone. Every week, we’ll be featuring a reader-submitted quandary so that you can help weigh in and give your input. What would you do in their situation? If you’d like to submit your own quandary, click here.

Quandary of the week:

One of my really good friends had an affair with a married man. He ended up leaving his wife for her, but she doesn’t trust him. She never wants to go on weekend getaways with the girls anymore because she’s afraid he’ll cheat on her while she’s gone. He is in the military and is being posted back to B.C., and my friend is going to quit her job, sell her house (it’s already on the market), and move away from all her family and friends to be with a man she doesn’t even trust. Personally, I don’t think she should trust him — there’s been red flags. For instance, he refuses to give password access to his phone and computer. And whenever they get in an argument, he mysteriously has to leave and go to “work”. Should I talk to her and try to convince her not to move? Or should I let her make her own decisions and learn from her own mistakes?

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