Social quandary: An ungrateful dinner guest

Hosting dinner parties isn't cheap, and this regular guest rarely contributes — except maybe a couple of beers... for herself! How would you advise this reader?

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I like to host dinner parties, and my friends always bring really nice things, such as dessert or a bottle of wine. But I have one friend who rarely brings anything. If she does, it’s usually a couple beers for herself, or a really cheap bottle of wine — and it’s not like she can’t afford something better. Since she never hosts her own dinner parties, I can never return the ‘favour’. I can’t not include her at my parties because we’re in the same group of friends. But it’s getting to a point that I’m feeling resentful about it and unappreciated. Hosting dinner parties isn’t cheap, and I feel like she’s taking advantage of my generosity. How can I address the problem without sounding like a snob or making her feel uncomfortable?

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Update! We checked in with this reader to get an update on the situation. Here was her reply:

“I feel like I’ve been hard on my friend. Maybe I shouldn’t have such high expectations. I accept her for whatever she brings or doesn’t bring. The next time we go to a party together, that’s not at my house, I might ask if she wants to make a dessert together or go in on a bottle of wine. When she sees how grateful the host is, and how much everyone enjoys the contribution I hope she’ll want to repeat the kindness.”