Social quandary: My friend has a crush on my ex-boyfriend

She hopes to reunite with her ex one day - but this friend isn't helping the situation.

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My boyfriend and I broke up a couple months ago. It hasn’t been easy, since we still care about each other, but our life goals weren’t matching up (read: work or travel long-term), so we decided to call it quits.  My friend Anna* has known him as long as I have, since we both met him at the same time. Anna and I aren’t good friends — we just have a lot of the same friends, but I’ve known her for years. Over the year and a half that we dated, I grew suspicious that Anna had developed feelings for him. She always seemed to sing his praises a little too much, or come up with reasons to see him more. One time, he even told me that she put her hand on his leg under the table! I never said anything because I didn’t see it myself so maybe it was harmless.

Since our breakup, Anna has been hanging out with my ex and his friends a lot. I don’t really know what her intentions are with him, but it really bothers me that they’re hanging out. Since we’re not close friends, I’m not sure I have the right to tell her that her actions are bothering me. And since him and I have broken up, I’m not sure if I’m allowed to have that conversation with him either. I’m afraid that I may come off as the “crazy ex-girlfriend”. But the truth is that I still have hopes that my ex-boyfriend and I may one day get back together. Should I say something? What should I do?

*names have been changed

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