Social quandary: How to avoid a needy neighbour

They've told her they're busy, but she continues to pop by their place unannounced and messages them constantly.

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Recently, I reunited with an ex-co-worker who I hadn’t seen in a couple of years. About a month ago, she moved into my apartment building. At first my husband and I were welcoming — we invited her over for dinner — but then she wanted to hang out all the time. She would pop by unannounced a few times a week, and would text me daily so we could take the train together to and from work downtown. It got to be too much, and when I didn’t respond to her text messages right away, she contacted my husband on Facebook asking about my whereabouts!

We’ve told her countless times that we’re busy and don’t have time, but she’s not getting the hint. I barely have time to see my close friends more than once a month, let alone an acquaintance. Is there a way to handle this situation without hurting her feelings or offending her?

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