Schedule these yearly appointments now

From seeing your family doctor for a physical to getting your insurance policies reviewed, make sure you put these important to-dos in your calendar.

Regardless of whether you use a fridge calendar or your phone, arm yourself with a pen, a phone book and a bit of patience and set up all of your appointments for the entire year. Use our checklist as a guide (and remember to add your own if we missed something).


Dentist: Every six months.

Family Doctor: Once a year if you’re healthy.

Gynecologist: Once a year for females over the age of 15, or if they are sexually active.

Optometrist: Every one to two years for everyone over the age of three.


Maintenance Check: Have your car inspected, tired rotated and oil changed every 5,000 km.

Driver’s Licence: Every five years in most provinces.

Licence Plate: Every one to two years in most provinces.


Tax Consultation: Once a year before April 30 to help with your income tax filing.

Financial Advisor: Once a year to discuss your investment plans.

Insurance Agent: Once a year to review your policies.


Passport renewal: Every five years (and 10 years starting in July).

Pet Checkup: Annually once they turn a year old.

Date nights: Make time for special events like birthdays, Mother’s Day, anniversaries or girls’ nights out.

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