Sarah Chalke: Five facts on the Scrubs actress

The Vancouver native shares everything from her favourite swear word to her historical heroine

Alvaro Goveia

Age: 34

Hometown: Vancouver

You know her from: Scrubs, where she ruled the OR at Sacred Heart Hospital for four seasons as Elliot Reid, the socially awkward resident physician (and better half to protagonist Zach Braff).

Why she’s hot: Chalke’s latest project is the eagerly anticipated Mad Love, a sitcom about four New York friends, two of whom are falling in love while the other two are happily in hate.

Lingo: “Oops! Sorry — that shouldn’t stain.”

Swear jar: “My favourite swear word is shit-balls.”

Great gizmo: “I will never, ever give up my industrial-grade milk foamer.”

Bad advice: “The worst thing anyone has ever suggested? Get bangs.”

Historical heroine:Laura Secord — though was she a heroine, or was she just on a chocolate run?”

Meaning of life: “I live for my little guy, Charlie.”

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