Prince William And Kate’s Family Christmas Card Couldn’t Be Cuter

‘The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are pleased to share a new photograph of their family.’


Prince William and Kate Middleton's Christmas portrait 2017

Royal wishes do come true. Last year we didn’t get a new photo of the Cambridges for Christmas and it was a serious bummer. But this year, we did — and the family is all matching in blue.

The family photo was actually taken earlier this year (clearly because Kate’s sporting much longer hair and she currently has a very chic bob — oh, and she’s not pregnant) at the family’s home at Kensington Palace.

And we need to discuss the cuteness. George is, of course, wearing his signature shorts and knee socks. He looks to be wearing the same shirt he was wearing in his fourth birthday portraits, so we can guess this family photo was taken in July. Also, I love how his one leg is up — it looks like he is about to run away. George is over this family photoshoot.

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And Charlotte, look at that impish grin. She is wearing a blue smocked dress we first saw when the family was departing Poland earlier this year, which she wore with a matching bow and shoes — this little princess is already a master of accessorizing (OK, we know it’s Kate who is really in charge here).

In other big news for Charlotte, it was announced on Monday that she will be starting nursery school in January. She will be attending Willcocks Nursery School in London, which is just a quick 10 minute walk from the family’s home at Kensington Palace. So exciting for Charlotte. Like her brother George, I am sure she will just attend a few days a week to get used to the school experience.

If you are wondering what Kate is wearing, she is re-wearing a Catherine Walker blue suit skirt she first wore on a day trip to the Netherlands.

This is some serious cuteness to start the week. This is the photo that will feature on the family’s Christmas card and I thought I would include a little flashback to their Christmas card from two years ago. My how the kids have grown — but George is still a runner.

Kate Middleton Prince William Princess Charlotte Prince George in their Christmas card