Tru-do's and Tru-don'ts: A review of Justin Trudeau's PR wins and losses

On the one-year anniversary of the PM's election, here's a look back at his greatest and groaniest photo ops.

Justin Trudeau awkward handshake

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (centre), Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto (left) and U.S. President Barack Obama (right) shake hands at the North American Leaders’ Summit in Ottawa. Photo, The Canadian Press/Fred Chartrand.

The Huffington Post characterized Justin Trudeau’s government as the “least productive in decades,” and a Maclean’s report card declared he’s just getting started on fulfilling over 200 campaign promises, but here at Chatelaine, we’re assessing year one by his real priority: photo ops.

Trudeau’s zealous public relations campaign, which brought near daily pics of Trudeau boxingrunning around shirtless or otherwise keeping things real, has been mocked by eye-rolling Opposition politicians. But if the international press is any indication, Trudeau’s sunny ways are winning over hearts and minds (and sparking many a meme.)

But the PM he isn’t perfect. Not even Photoshop and a swarm of staff could save him from making a few gaffes. Here’s a roundup of the biggest PR Tru-do’s and Tru-don’ts from the last year.

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