The next leader of the Conservatives will be ... a woman?

Calgary MP Michelle Rempel nominates herself. And it's awesome.

With Stephen Harper’s resignation inevitable, politicos both inside and outside the Conservative party say it’s in need of a major rebranding. And that, some believe, means a woman as the leader of the party. Ken Boessenkool, a Conservative strategist, has suggested Rona Ambrose and Lisa Raitt as options. “Women beat men in Canadian politics right now, and if we don’t take proper stock of that, especially against a person like Justin Trudeau, we’re asking for trouble,” he said.

Now, Calgary MP Michelle Rempel, who was re-elected in her Nose Hill riding on Monday, put her own name forward for party leader on Twitter. The self-described “35-year-old chick” (and one hell of a comedian) tweeted:

And then, anticipating criticism:

Then, a mic drop:

Even if the Conservatives don’t make her leader, Rempel is boss.

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