You can learn a lot about Justin Trudeau in 60 seconds

Ahead of his appearance at Maclean's Town Hall on Wednesday, the prime minister talks environment, pop music and poetry.

Justin Trudeau proved he’s good and ready to answer “more serious questions” in a video that lobbed some softballs to get him primed for Maclean’s Town Hall on Wednesday. The PM covered everything from sunrise to Star Wars in 60 seconds flat.

In just one minute, Trudeau busts out an entire line of French poetry (but who doesn’t think of Cyrano de Bergerac on the fly?), manages to avoid picking a favourite Canadian coast (“yeah, not a chance”), gets environmental (“I like to walk”) and pleases pop-lovers everywhere by evoking Justin Timberlake, calling him “a real JT.” There’s also a compelling theory going around about why he mentions the street he grew up on.

Yes, we learned a lot about the PM in the quick Q&A. But is he for real? The real JT? Have a watch and decide for yourself.

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