Finally, a period commercial as hardcore as periods are

A new ad from Bodyform, a U.K.-based feminine hygiene brand, depicts actual blood rather than that unsettling blue liquid.

I don’t know about you, but when I get my period, I’d rather ice my boobs or level civilization as we know it than throw a jovial yogurt brunch with friends. Yet, if the pantheon of mainstream period commercials is to be believed, that time of the month is full of opportunities for rollerblading and female bonding, our spirits dampened only briefly by one eyedropper’s worth of alien blue liquid.

Yes, wouldn’t you love that, The Patriarchy?

This makes the latest, no B.S. ad from U.K. feminine-hygiene brand Bodyform all the more refreshing. Simply titled, “Blood,” the 82-second spot features various strong women in action — a pointe dancer with gnarly blisters, a bloody-nosed boxer and, my personal menstruation spirit animal, a ladywarrior on horseback — all of whom mirror the suffering and blood loss (and ultimate triumph!) of our monthly cycles. It’s way more masterful a metaphor than whatever that sinister blue stuff is offering.

Plus, per its “no blood should hold us back” campaign tagline, Bodyform teamed up with several U.K.–based universities to improve awareness of how menstruation effects women’s bodies during exercise. (The results of that research are forthcoming.) With science on their side, horse-riding amazons can continue to slay, even as their uterine battle rages on.

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