Perfect pumpkins

Carve up some Halloween magic with 12 great stencils

No tricks here…just a treat to get you in the Halloween spirit. Why not prep your home for all the neighbourhood ghosts and goblins by carving up some of our 12 jack-o’-lantern patterns? Just click an image below and print out your stencil of choice. It’s that easy! Be sure to read our tips below so you can carve with ease.

How to carve the perfect jack-o’-lantern

· First, select a solid pumpkin, with a nice-looking shell, that sounds as if it’s made of wood when you knock on it.
· Scrape as much of the insides out as possible, especially around the inner walls, to make carving easier.
· To ensure adequate spacing and best positioning, trace the stencil with a marker on the skin first. Find a marker that is not permanent, so that you can wipe away the lines afterwards.
· After tracing your design, use a thin, serrated knife (a de-boning knife works well) to make you incisions.

Bonus: Love the Welcome pumpkin on page 173 of the October 2004 issue of Chatelaine magazine? Make your own with this printable stencil.

Uh – Oh!
Mr. Mouse

Hint To make mouse nose, use construction paper, string and pipe cleaners.

Carrot Nose

Hint Carve along plotted lines. Carrot must fit securely, so don’t make the hole for the nose too big.

Swiss Cheese Jack

Hint Drill can be used to make holes.

Dr. Evil
Mrs. Piggy

Hint To make Mrs. Piggy nose, use construction paper, string, and coloured pipe cleaners.

Mr. Freak

Hint Use metal screws to separate the pumpkin’s top and bottom half

Happy Jack
Sir Smiles-a-lot
Eye Spy

Hint Before starting, make sure top pumpkin can balance on bottom one.


Hint Select a pumpkin that is wide, so the entire word “Welcome” will be visible. You can suspend a small crab apple or a radish with a pin to create a solid centre in the letter ‘O’, after you’ve carved out the letter.

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