November 2004 issue: Buyers' guide


Every month in Chatelaine, we feature great products available in Canada – everything from daytime dresses to drawer pulls to dishes. To help you track down these items, we’re now posting a buyers’ guide. We base our list of stores on information available to us at the time of publication, then update it as needed.

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Identify the month of the issue, the page number and item you are interested in. We’ll do our best to track it down and share the information here and in our Buyers’ guides section.

Quality time

21 Heaslip Canada, 905/777-0700. Winners, Canadian Hat, Sears, Hat block, Absolutely, 416/324-8351.
Lacoste, 1/800/798-1212.
22 Woman Apothecary, 416/515-9995. M.A.C, Clinique, at Sears or the Bay, Tweezerman, 1/800/775-6020.
24 Caban, Pottery Barn, Holt Renfrew, IKEA, Indigo, www.chapters. Grand & Toy, www.grand Staples Business Depot,
26 Salter, Fox Run Craftsmen, 1/800/383-0122. Gay Lea,

Everyday chic

114 Jacket and skirt, Firma, at the following stores:
ON Collingwood – Elaine Dickinson’s
ON Toronto – Options, Magnetik
Sweater, Dekker, 514/385-3452.
Necklaces, Courage My Love, 416/979-1992.
Bag, Tiffany Handbags, 1/800/663-8377, ext. 236.
Shoes, Cole Haan, Cole Haan.
115 Jacket, H&M,
Turtleneck, Trés You, available at Zellers,
Skirt, Rachel Mara,
Brooch, Courage My Love, 416/979-1992.
Belt, Gap, 1/800/GAP-STYLE.
116 Jeans, Levi’s, or call 1/888/501-LEVI.
Jacket, Tommy Hilfiger, at Tommy Hilfiger stores and at the following store:
PQ Montreal – Les Ailes de la Mode
Shirt, X.S.,at the following stores:
ON Sarnia – Maran
ON Toronto – Trampy
PQ Montreal – Boutique Asuivre
Earrings, Rita D., Elsa Reia N Studio, 1/866/297-9722.
Bag, Nine West,
Shoes, Celebration Shoes, 416/703-2789.
117 Jacket and pants, H&M,
Camisole, Gap, 1/800/GAP-STYLE.
Scarf, Echo, at the following stores:
PQ Montreal – Chapo Folie
PQ Ste. Foy – L’Inconnue II Boutique
PQ Drummonville – Les Importation Gaby Inc.
PQ St. Lambert – Maison du Pull
PQ Ramouski – Au Boy Gout
PQ Sillery – Anne Laurence Boutique
ON Toronto – Accessity, Fascination
ON Ottawa – Bowie’s
AB Edmonton – Donoban’s
AB Calgary – It’s all about me, Manhattan drive
BC Victoria – Sunday’s Snowflake
NS Halifax – Mill’s Brothers
Brooch, Bittersweet,
Bag, The Sak, at The Bay and the following stores:
ON London – Jas Shoes
ON Burlington – Urban Traveller
ON Toronto – Nino Karina, Urban Traveller
ON Thornbury – Tigs
ON Simcoe – Curries
Shoes, Nine West,
118 Jacket, Firma, at the following stores:
PQ Montreal – Soho
ON Toronto – Options, Merry Go Round, Magnetik
ON Collingwood – Elaine Dickinson’s
ON Orillia – Just Elaine’s
ON Sudbury – Murphy’s Downtown
On London – Fisher & Company
Top, Esprit, and at the following stores:
ON Burlington – Joelle’s
ON London – Leslie’s of Bayfield
ON Bowmanville – Wooden Hanger
ON Barrie – Swoon
ON Toronto – Merry Go Round
Skirt, Alysi, Group Steilmann, 1/800/363-4987.
Necklace, FAB Accessories, please call 416/751-8898.
Bag, Winners,
Boots, Lauren Ralph Lauren, 1/800/668-1800.
Cardigan, Line, at the following stores:
ON Toronto – TNT, Risque, Simply Yours, Denise & Co.
Pants, Hugo Boss, at the following stores:
BC Vancouver – Ashia Mode
ON Toronto – Boss Woman Shop
Hat, Winners,
Belt, Gap, 1/800/GAP-STYLE.
Bracelets, Courage My Love, 416/979-1992.
Shoes, Cole Haan, Cole Haan.
119 Jacket, Andrew Marc, at the following stores:
AB Regina – Marbella Clothing
AB Edmonton and Calgary – Blu’s Womenswear and Shoes
ON Toronto – Your Clothes Friend, Andrew’s, Options for Her, Muskat Brown, Finishing Touches.
ON London – Channer’s Ladies Wear
Sweater, Line, at the following stores:
ON Toronto – TNT, Body Blue, Boutique Biba, Saffron Roads, Donovan’s, So…Boutique, Want.
Pants, Joie, at the following stores:
PQ Montreal – Rivet Laundry
ON Toronto – TNT
AB Calgary – Primitive
Sunglasses, Salvatore Ferragamo from Luxottica Group,
Pearl necklace, Winners,
Watch, Baume & Mercier, available at Birks across Canada,
120 Hat and scarf, Holt Renfrew,
Cardigan, H&M,
Turtleneck, Tres You, Zellers,
Brooch, BitterSweet,
121 Coat, Mexx, 1/800/565-MEXX.
Sweater, H&M,
Pants, Esprit, and at the following stores:
ON Burlington – Joelle’s
ON London – Leslie’s of Bayfield
ON Bowmanville – Wooden Hanger
ON Barrie – Swoon
ON Toronto – Merry Go Round
Scarf, Gap, 1/800/GAP-STYLE.
Belt, Kudos, 1/877/995-8367.
Gloves, Kumari’s, 416/324-9830.

What suits you?

122 Blazer and skirt, Winners,
Blouse, Nougat, 1/888/356-9226.
Skirt, Gap, 1/800/GAP-STYLE.
Watch, Nine West, at Nine West stores across Canada,, and at the following stores:
ON Toronto – Time Flyes, Swak 11
ON London – Jas Shoes
Cardigan, Esprit,
Sweater, Line, at the following stores:
ON Toronto – TNT, Mendicino, Nathar, Granite Club and Saffron Roads
Boots, Feet First, 1/800/246-9405.
123 Jacket and pants, Roots, or call 1/888/307-6687.
Coat, Rachel Mara,
Sweater, Trés You, Zellers,
Purse, High Fashion Handbags, 416/444-9857.
Jeans, Roots, or call 1/888/307-6687.
Vest, Gap, 1/800/GAP-STYLE.
Belt, Kudos,1/877/995-8367.
Scarf, Costa Blanca,

All eyes on you

124 Earrings, FAB Accessories, 416/751-8898.
126 Coat, Lida Baday, Holt Renfrew,
128 Coat, Zenobia,
130 Top, Lida Baday, Holt Renfrew.

Everything in its place

190 to 197 All paint, Benjamin Moore, In hallway, Beacon Hill Damask. Hallway door, Spicy Mustard. In bedroom, Butter Cream. In living room, Bronzed Beige.
191 Sears, HomeSense, 1/866/466-3707. Hardware, 416/462-3099.
192 Scantrade, 1/800/361-3659. 18 Karat, 1/888/849-8811.
193 Kenneth James Toile Collection wallpaper, #47-63232, Provincial Decorlux Wallcoverings, 1/800/668-5540. Zellers, IKEA, Rustique, www. 18 Karat. Sears.
195 UpCountry, 1/800/393-8574. Rustique. Pottery Barn, EQ3, InterfaceFLOR,
197 Greentea Design, 1/877/293-7466. 18 Karat. HomeSense. Sears. IKEA.

Recipe index

219 Bowl and plate, the Bay, Fork, HomeSense, 1/866/466-3707. Fabric, macFAB, 1/877/NOTIONS.

Cut the calories, keep the taste

220 Glass containers, Bianco Plus, 416/929-9676. Tray, HomeSense, 1/866/466-3707. Fabric, macFAB, 1/877/NOTIONS.
221 Placemat, The Main Course, 416/787-7742.
222 Bowl and plate, the Bay, Fork, HomeSense. Fabric, macFAB.
223 Fabric, Designer Fabric Outlet, 416/531-2810.
224 Cake pedestal, Plates, Caban, Fabric, macFAB.
225 Small bowl, Pottery Barn, Vinegar bottle, Zellers, Fabric, Designer Fabric Outlet. 226 Plate, bowl and fork, HomeSense. Napkin, The Main Course. Tray, Willow House, 1/877/739-6423.
227 Plate, The Main Course. Fabric, macFAB.
248 Plate, HomeSense. Fabric, Designer Fabric Outlet.

Cosy autumn dinner

228 Platter, Zellers, Plates, Caban,
230 Plate, HomeSense, 1/866/466-3707.

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