Not yourself today? Tell us about it

Everyone has a day or week or month--even a year--when they can honestly claim they’re not feeling much like themselves.



Everyone has a day or week or month–even a year–when they can honestly claim they’re not feeling much like themselves. Though we often try and conceal our private struggles, the truth of the matter is that we can’t help but be altered by the ups and downs of our own mental health and by that of our loved ones, friends and colleagues. 

A new website is trying to bring Canadians’ mental health issues out of the private realm and into the public sphere, however. 

Not Myself Today, which officially launched on April 2, is Partners for Mental Health’s inaugural national campaign to encourage a broader and more proactive cultural conversation about mental health issues in this country. 

An estimated 20 percent of Canadians will experience some form of mental illness in their lifetime, from bouts of anxiety and depression to the more serious conditions of bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. aims to go beyond simply raising awareness about statistics related to these significant health concerns, however. It encourages Canadians to sign a pledge in support of mental health. Visitors can take part in the site’s aim to open up discussion surrounding issues of mental health by posting videos, audio recordings or personal essays that detail private experiences or struggles.

The site is also looking for volunteer correspondents to offer their take on how mental health issues are dealt with in select communities across Canada. 

Partners for Mental Health is a national charitable organization that seeks to transform the way Canadians think and act towards their own mental health, and towards people living with a mental illness. The Not Myself Today campaign will culminate with a National Day of Action on April 30.  

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