New year's survey results

Ah, new year's you set them in stone or set them aside? We polled Chatelaine reasers to gather the straight goods – how do you measure up?

Do you set new year’s resolutions?

yes, I set new year’s resolutions


no, I don’t because…
n 3% For me, the real new year starts in September
n 4% I don’t believe in them
n 5% I never stick to them
n 35% Sure, I have goals but I don’t make them at a specific time of year

Top three things you’d change about your personality:
be more outgoing
be more patient
learn to say no
You also said you’d like to:
nStop gossiping about other people!“– Jennifer
nThink first, speak next.“– Liana
nHave less road rage.“– Debbie
nBe less of an ‘ice queen.’“– Mary-Anne
nBe more charitable in my thoughts – being less cynical would be a good thing for me (can you say ‘bitchy?’).“– Kathy
nNot be so sensitive. I cry at commercials!“– Laura
nNot change anything. I like me. I’m not perfect, but it’s taken me a long time to truly accept myself.“– Melanie

The new year’s resolutions you make most often: lose weight, get fit
The new year’s resolutions you break most often: lose weight, get fit

Secrets of success
n Best way to boost your odds of succeeding at a goal, according to experts: keep track by writing it down or telling someone
n Percentage of women who don’t write down or tell someone about their goals: 65

I measure my success by…
nAsking myself, can I run longer, do my old pants fit, can I sleep better…yes! Yes! YES!“– Tania
nCompeting with my spouse!“– Lisa

She shoots, she scores!
Goals you’re most proud of accomplishing:
Graduating from college or university
Slimming down
Giving birth

More proud achievements you couldn’t resist telling us about (and we couldn’t resist sharing):
nGetting my driver’s licence at 25.“– Heather
nI got a divorce.“– Melody
nI lost 30 pounds this past year on Weight Watchers. And I stayed single on purpose for more than a year!“– Muffy
nTaking a modelling course at 56.“– Patricia

The goal I’m glad I never reached:
nTo be married by 25.“– Audra
nHaving lots of children. Three is plenty!“– Susan
nNot having children.“– Cora

I’m motivated by…
nThe promise of rewards, but not monetary rewards. It’s more of a spiritual sense of satisfaction.“– Jennifer
nShowing my kids that they can reach their goals, too. It’s hard to tell them to reach for the stars if you’re not striving for them yourself!“– Trish
nThe fact that I can do anything if I just try. Otherwise, I would just sit there like a potato.“– Tania

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