Neat ideas

Get a good look at eight gorgeous cleaning tools with our image-by-image slide show!

Cleaning is a dirty job – but if you have to do it, these fresh and colourful supplies will make you smile while you scrub.

var titles = new Array(“Ah, there’s the scrub”,”Forget sweats”,”Task masters”,”Dynamic duo”,”A broom of your own”,”They smell pretty, too!”,”Take a break”,”Get swept up”); var descriptions = new Array(“Scouring the sink just got sexier with these bright anti-microbial sponges. Home Outfitters, set of three/$5.”, “Wear whatever you want when you clean – just accessorize your outfit with a pretty, protective vinyl apron. Danica, $20.”, “On everything from stainless steel to computer screens, these microfibre cloths work their magic without cleaning products. Ashton Green, set of four/$28.”, “These microfibre mitts – one for your bathroom and one for your kitchen – work best with just water and help tackle your toughest rooms. Ashton Green, set of two/$15.”, “This sweet ballerina mini-broom is perfect for giving tabletop messes the brush-off. Zuei, $42.”, “With fresh scents of lavender-mint and tulip, these all-natural cleaning products are tough on dirt but easy on the nose. Botanical Glass Cleaner, $8, Ecological Heavy Duty Home Cleaner, $12, and Natural Carpet Deodorizer, $10, all Fruits & Passion. “, “Set the iRobot Roomba Vacuum in the centre of a room and let it do your work for you – what could be better? Linens ‘n Things, $250.”, “This leopard-print broom may help you stop pretending those crumbs on your floor don’t exist. Home Outfitters, $15.”); image0 = new Image(); image0.src = “/english/images/issue/2005/05/20050502_133447_5648_00.jpg”; image1 = new Image(); image1.src = “/english/images/issue/2005/05/20050502_133447_5648_01.jpg”; image2 = new Image(); image2.src = “/english/images/issue/2005/05/20050502_133447_5648_02.jpg”; image3 = new Image(); image3.src = “/english/images/issue/2005/05/20050502_133447_5648_03.jpg”; image4 = new Image(); image4.src = “/english/images/issue/2005/05/20050502_133447_5648_04.jpg”; image5 = new Image(); image5.src = “/english/images/issue/2005/05/20050502_133447_5648_05.jpg”; image6 = new Image(); image6.src = “/english/images/issue/2005/05/20050502_133447_5648_06.jpg”; image7 = new Image(); image7.src = “/english/images/issue/2005/05/20050502_133447_5648_07.jpg”; image8 = new Image(); image8.src = “/english/images/issue/2005/05/20050502_133447_5648_08.jpg”; function changeSlide(di){ var val = (document.holdingTank.placement.value)*1; if(di==”up”) val++; else val–; if(val(titles.length-1)) val=0; document.getElementById(“titleOf”).innerHTML = titles[val]; document.getElementById(“descriptionOf”).innerHTML = descriptions[val]; document.getElementById(“slideOf”).innerHTML = (val+1)+” of 8″; productImage.src = eval(“image”+val+”.src”); document.holdingTank.placement.value = val; // In this function we add the capability to hide|unhide the buttons based on the current “val” if(val>0) document.getElementById(“previousButton”).style.visibility = “visible”; else document.getElementById(“previousButton”).style.visibility = “hidden”; if(val<(titles.length-1)) document.getElementById("nextButton").style.visibility = "visible"; else document.getElementById("nextButton").style.visibility = "hidden"; }

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