My military release date: Paperwork, moving, hardly means relief!

The long awaited day has come — I have a release date. It's official. In just six short months.

military release

It took about a year, but I now have a release date from the military. On 12 September, 2011, I will be a civilian.

And now, I am bombarded with paperwork. Today, I’ve filled out about forty-two pages. Seriously. But it’s all in the name of continuing my benefits and providing me with the assistance I need in order to transition into civilian life, so I should shut up and stop complaining. 

Although it took a very long time and I’ve been awaiting the date for months now, I can’t help but question all my decisions leading up to and after my release. If I hadn’t joined the military, would my knee be okay now? Would I still be running and swimming? Am I making the right decision in moving? Where will I be living? What if I can’t find an apartment? So many unknowns.

And my bad luck just seems to keep on growing. Our chimney is leaking and needs to be replaced (of course, just days before going on the market), the basement isn’t finished yet and I have tons of schoolwork to do. I scratched my window tint, I fell on the ice this morning, and I split my pants open. Nothing makes a girl feel classy quite like a hole in the butt of her pants.

So during a stressful time in my life, I’m looking everywhere for answers. I’m reading books, have turned to my writing and yesterday I went to church for Ash Wednesday, in search of guidance and hope.

So I find I’m wondering what others do to relieve stress. Tell me—what do you do to cope? Got any tips?