Mother's Day gift ideas

Make mom feel like the luckiest woman in the world with these gift ideas

Whether you have a lot of money to spend or just your time to share, chances are that your mom – or someone you think of as mom – will appreciate knowing she’s loved this Mother’s Day.

Indulge mom with her favourite treat, whether it’s sweets, savouries or a good stiff drink. Ideas: If you’re a foodie (or feeling ambitious), bake up a batch of something she loves from scratch. If culinary skills aren’t your strength and you’re concerned about accidently poisoning her, there’s nothing wrong with store-bought – and with so many gourmet goodies available online, you can have mom’s delight delivered right to her door.
Try these Canadian sites: for chocoholics, if spicy food is her fave and for more gourmet tastes.

Introduce mom to something new you know she’ll like, or stick with her favourites. Ideas: Create a personal DVD box set with her fave films or actors. If she doesn’t have a DVD player and the budget allows, buy her one – you can find them for less than $60. Or, you could make her a CD that relates to her interests, or has a theme like Tunes to garden to or Mother/daughter ditties.

Even though you’re no longer squishing your hands in clay or finger painting fridge masterpieces, mom will still appreciate something made with your own two hands.
Ideas: Gather loose photos into a personalized album or scrapbook. Or, if you’re crafty, knit, sew or crochet her something beautiful. Click
here for a super-easy but very sweet craft idea.

Whatever her hobby – walking, golf, swimming, yoga or all of the above – give a gift that will enhance the experience.
Ideas: Create a themed gift basket with lots of useful goodies related to her sport or hobby. Spend a little extra on something like a putter, an iPod or new workout gear.

If mom says she has everything she needs, make a donation to a charity close to her heart. Ideas: Register for a
charity walk or run in her honour (or better yet, do it together!), donate to a food bank or volunteer your time with an organization of her choice.

Mom spent years taking care of you, and now it’s time to show her you appreciate it. Make her queen for a day, or even longer.
Ideas: Sign up for a mother-daughter spa day or mani/pedi, stock her freezer with meals or give her a rest with a top-to-bottom house-cleaning by you, the grandkids or a cleaning service.

Everyone likes attention, so invite all the important people in mom’s life to help celebrate how wonderful she is.
Ideas: Take her out for her favourite meal, throw a party in her honour or make a video with old home movies and personal messages from family and friends.