Mindfulness Tricks You Can Try Anywhere

Take a page from these four new mindfulness books. These tips are easy—and effective.

Mindfulness is something that you can practice anywhere, anytime. No equipment required. Try these tips from mindfulness experts on your morning commute, during that endless work meeting or even right now.

Cover for Modern Mindfulness by Rohan Gunatillake

Modern Mindfulness: How to Be More Relaxed, Focused and Kind While Living in a Fast, Digital, Always-On World

By Rohan Gunatillake

THE GIST: Mindfulness and meditation does not have to be synonymous with switching off or checking out. This book looks at ways to adopt mindfulness throughout the day, including using your mobile phone more responsibly and making mobility part of mindfulness. These tips will keep you productive and centred in a fast-paced world.
THE EXPERT: Gunatillake was already well into a career as a management consultant when he realized that he could use the busy-ness around him to his advantage, making mindfulness his modus operandi.
TOP TIP: Combine mindfulness with walking. It’s a dead easy exercise you can do anywhere: as you walk, keep bringing your attention back to the feeling of your feet striking the ground.

Cover art for 5 Minute Bliss by Courtney E. Akerman.

5-Minute Bliss

By Courtney E. Ackerman

THE GIST: Quick, fun daily mindfulness exercises that help you find that inner positivity and serenity. This book holds both inspiration and practical tips to help you feel satisfied, peaceful and able to engage with the word around you in a meaningful manner.
THE EXPERT: A researcher with a master’s degree positive organizational psychology and evaluation, Ackerman’s methods are clear cut and scientifically based.
TOP TIP: Touch something with an interesting texture. It’s a good way to pull yourself out of your head and into the present moment. (Plus, it feels nice.)

Cover for The Joy of Missing Out by Tonya Dalton

The Joy of Missing Out: Live More by Doing Less

By Tonya Dalton

THE GIST: FOMO is real and it’s holding us back from living a life of clarity, simplicity and purpose. By offering a shift in perspective, Dalton inspires readers to find their priorities, reduce the feeling of overwhelm, and start a life that is guilt-free and satisfying.
THE EXPERT: Dalton is a productivity coach and CEO of inkWELL Press Productivity Co. who helps others with goal-setting, planning, and time management.
TOP TIP: Carve out more time by giving yourself permission to focus on what’s really important. (This might involve saying no to some things.) Time management is not about learning how to do things faster. It’s about choosing where—and how—to spend your time.

Cover for The Little Book of Mindfulness II by Alison Davies

Little Book of Mindfulness II: Peace – Life – Calm

By Alison Davies
THE GIST: Most of us are constantly on-the go. This follow-up book (Out August 20, 2019) provides 150 tips and tricks to practice mindfulness on the daily, in order to regain a sense of calm within ourselves, our families, at home, and at work.
THE EXPERT: This author and writer holds workshops at universities throughout the UK to show academics, students and early-years workers how storytelling can be a tool for education.
TOP TIP: Surround yourself with colours that make you happy. “Certain shades stimulate a positive response in the brain, while others can trigger agitation,” Davies writes. “Create a mindful home by opting for shades that make you feel calm, balanced and joyful.”

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