Michelle Obama And Sophie Grégoire Trudeau Are Palling Around Toronto

This is the ultimate power couple.

Sometimes, when I’m sad about the world and worry that there’s no good people left in it, I soothe myself by repeating two words to myself: Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama, a symbol of all that is smart and good and kind in the world, wrapped in a stylish, well-tailored dress.

So I was pretty excited to learn that she was in my hometown of Toronto this week to deliver a speech to the Economic Club of Canada.

But the visit is even more happy-making because Obama was spotted gal-palling it up with none other than Sophie Grégoire Trudeau at the downtown Italian restaurant Gusto 101.

Janet Zuccarini, judge on Top Chef Canada and the owner of Gusto, captured this sneaky footage of the duo and their entourage entering her restaurant. (Thank you, Janet.) In the Instagram post, she says Obama and Trudeau ate in the private dining room and shared a kale salad, grilled octopus, buffalo mozzarella, ravioli, shrimp pasta and shishito peppers. 

It became obvious a friendship between Grégoire Trudeau and Obama was blossoming back in 2016, when the prime minister and Grégoire Trudeau travelled to the U.S. for a state visit. The women laughed, hugged, co-hosted events, all the while seeming like long-time besties.

“She’s got a great sense of humour,” Obama said of Grégoire Trudeau at the time. “She’s cracking me up.”

And at the Economic Club this week, Obama kicked things off by looking out into the crowd, seeing Grégoire Trudeau, then waving and saying, “Hey, Sophie, what’s going on? Love you!”

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