Mapping Canada's homeless


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Mapping Canada’s homeless
Some 80 percent of homeless people don’t live on the street but the housing crisis is very real, with an estimated 300,000 living without shelter across Canada

<area onmouseout="caption('');" onmouseover="caption('Yellowknife

There are an estimated 1,000 homeless women in Canada’s north, including 500 just in Yellowknife.’);” href=”#” coords=”165,198,9″ shape=”circle”/> <area onmouseout="caption('');" onmouseover="caption('Toronto

In 2006, 5052 people were counted homeless – a figure that some predict has only risen since.’);” href=”#” coords=”340,381,9″ shape=”circle”/> <area onmouseout="caption('');" onmouseover="caption('Ottawa

In January 2008, 388 were homeless – a 15% decrease from 2007.’);” href=”#” coords=”362,363,9″ shape=”circle”/> <area onmouseout="caption('');" onmouseover="caption('Montreal

An estimated 30,000 in the city are homeless once a year.’);” href=”#” coords=”381,348,9″ shape=”circle”/> <area onmouseout="caption('');" onmouseover="caption('Saint John

In a city with 122,000 residents, 200 are without shelter.’);” href=”#” coords=”420,345,8″ shape=”circle”/> <area onmouseout="caption('');" onmouseover="caption('Halifax

In 2004, 266 people were homeless, up 13% from 2003.’);” href=”#” coords=”435,358,9″ shape=”circle”/> <area onmouseout="caption('');" onmouseover="caption('Canada-wide

As of 2004, 3.5 million Canadians were living in poverty ­â?? more than 11 percent of the countryâ??s total population.’);” href=”#” coords=”368,118,9″ shape=”circle”/> <area onmouseout="caption('');" onmouseover="caption('Winnipeg

An estimated 2,000 are currently homeless.’);” href=”#” coords=”223,324,8″ shape=”circle”/> <area onmouseout="caption('');" onmouseover="caption('Saskatoon

House prices here jumped 51.4% in 2007, with rent rates up as much as 13%. The first homeless count done in May 2008 turned up 260.’);” href=”#” coords=”174,297,9″ shape=”circle”/> <area onmouseout="caption('');" onmouseover="caption('Edmonton

3,079 are homeless as of October 2008 (including 125 children living on the street).’);” href=”#” coords=”139,268,9″ shape=”circle”/> <area onmouseout="caption('');" onmouseover="caption('Calgary

One of the highest homelessness rates in Canada with a count of 4,060 – up 18% since 2006.’);” href=”#” coords=”127,288,9″ shape=”circle”/> <area onmouseout="caption('');" onmouseover="caption('Victoria

There are 1,200 homeless people – including some 75 children – in Victoria as of October 2008.’);” href=”#” coords=”60,290,9″ shape=”circle”/> <area onmouseout="caption('');" onmouseover="caption('Vancouver

As of September 2008, 3,000 in Vancouver are homeless. That’s a 373% increase since 2002.’);” href=”#” coords=”76,280,9″ shape=”circle”/>