Actor Kristen Bell Spent Hurricane Irma With A New #squad, And It Was Awesome

The Frozen and Bad Moms star hung out with others stranded by the storm, playing bingo with nursing home residents and singing to kids.

In case you needed another reason to love the ray of light that is actress Kristen Bell, check out the adorable new #squad she acquired while in the throes of Hurricane Irma.

When the storm made landfall in Florida this weekend, the star of Frozen and Veronica Mars was filming at Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort in Orlando and couldn’t leave.

But instead of battening down the hatches in her room, she connected with others who were stranded and sought shelter at the hotel. First, she sang her smash hits from Frozen to a group of kids who were waiting out the storm in a nearby school.

Later, Bell was getting in good with a crew of displaced nursing home residents who’d taken shelter at the resort. They passed the time by playing bingo, having meals and having good old fashioned sing-a-longs. (We love her rendition of “You Are My Sunshine” with her new “side-piece,” John.)

And according to Frozen co-star Josh Gad, Bell is “an angel sent from above” for helping his own family to shelter. His parents, brother, sister-in-law and niece and nephew all got a safe roof over their heads at the resort, thanks to Bell.

Riding out a storm like Irma would be frightening at the best of times (at last count, Irma destroyed thousands of homes and caused at least 79 deaths), so good on Bell for finding ways to spread joy in the midst of it. Here’s hoping she can wriggle out of her new friend Clara’s “Jean-Claude Van Damme grip.”