Kate Hudson: Her thoughts on makeup, motherhood and me time

We chatted with the red carpet regular about life and happiness

Kate Hudson in asymmetrical metallic dress

Wire Image

On putting her face on:
“As a mom, you don’t have hours to do it. I call it ‘purse makeup’ — what you find in your purse is what goes on your face.”

On Oprah:
“Oprah’s an amazing woman: She plays with the big boys yet always tries to make life better.”

On finding time for you:

“As women, we take on a lot. We’re moms, friends, lovers and wives. You have to remember yourself every once in a while.”

On juggling life:

“Sometimes I don’t manage the balance, but if you feel your priorities are correct, things seem to fall into place a little better.”

On her inspiring mom:
“Her focus right now is studying the brain to find out how to make children happy. When you have kids, you watch them struggle and you want to help them understand what they’re feeling.”

On happiness:

“Write down everything that you are thankful for every day. It really puts life into perspective.”

On fame:

“I don’t feel pressure to look perfect, but it’s annoying that people take pictures every time you step outside. Luckily, this baby weight fell off; I’ve just been relaxing and breastfeeding. And I’m happy.”

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