Jillian Harris: My perfect Saturday

Interior design guru Jillian Harris won our hearts on The Bachelorette, but forget guys: This Vancouver-dwelling Albertan is really hot for the shops!

Jillian Harris favourite spa spot in Vancouver, Spruce Body Lab

Spruce Body Lab (Tetra Images/Getty Images)

Jillian Harris favourite coffee spot in Vancouver, JJ Bean

JJ Bean (Melanie Port)

Jillian Harris favourite spot in Vancouver, The Cross Decor & Design

The Cross Decor & Design

Jillian Harris favourite spot in Vancouver, Cactus Club Cafe

Cactus Club Cafe

Jillian Harris favourite spot in Vancouver, Chintz & Company

Chintz & Company

Jillian Harris in silk green dress

Jillian Harris (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

1. Let the retail therapy begin—it’s Jillian’s favourite pastime. “Perusing home decor shops puts me in my happy place, so Chintz & Company is always on my list. It’s so eclectic and gives me the opportunity to create whatever mood I want.” Homer St.

2. Refuel at the Cactus Club Cafe. “This was my debut design project, where Scotty Morison taught me about art, real art. I bought my first Warhol for the Cactus Club. It’s one of my favourite projects, and I get nostalgic when I pop in. Hit the patio for a sushi-like West-Coast Pocket.” Davie St.

3. Continue the guilty pleasure at the Cross Decor & Design. “I fell in love with this place when it opened. I bought my first pair of designer table lamps here—far before I could afford them! Home design items are to me what Louboutin shoes are for most girls.” Homer St.

4. Next, get caffeinated! “You won’t catch me without a cup of coffee from JJ Bean in hand. I love that you can get soy, almond or any kind of milk you want there. The interior has a cozy, warm feel to it, and the staff is always super friendly.” Davie St.

5. Finish off the day with a little luxury at Spruce Body Lab. “I love to go on my own. The all-white design scheme is inviting and calming, and the body wraps are to die for.” Richards St.

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